Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scout Guide

Everyone knows pictures are worth a thousand words. So how many words are videos worth? I'll leave that up to the scientists, and leave you a video series that's helped me play Scout better. There are plenty of tips and tricks, as well as a guide to combat with each class.

EDIT: The vid won't appear until you click where its located. Also, there's an excellent part 2 to this! Coming tomorrow :]

EDIT 2: I added the next part of the video. The tactics discussed can be used to make enemies less effective against you in combat.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well I'm starting my new blog now.

My name is Treekuza, and I play a lot of TF2. I kick a lot of ass with every class, but I need to get better if I ever want to defeat the final four?

I'm going to start the blog off with my views on what you need in order to play  ANY class correctly and get kills:

1. Understanding your classes's weapons, i.e. how/when they're meant to be used.

2. Aiming ability.

I'll start us off with the scout.

The Scout is one of the weakest characters in the game, as he's only got 125 hp and nearly any class can take him on if they can aim well enough. Double-jumps are MANDATORY in order to survive as this class. Make sure that when dodging, you know where you're headed in relations to the projectile/enemy.

-----Scout's Weapons

Force-of-Nature is an unlockable primary weapon for the Scout. It's mostly just a tool to reach areas even higher than the scout can double jump. It's also okay for knocking people into terrain hazards but it still only has two shots you can kill with. It does more damage and it spreads slightly wider than the Scattergun, but once again, two shots only. Another drawback of this gun, is that when you shoot someone while you're mid-air, or doing a double-jump, it fucks with your momentum, and sends you flying opposite the direction you're shooting, which can trap you in your enemy's sights.

Scattergun is the ideal weapon to use with the scout as a primary. It has six shots in one clip, and it can pack a huge punch. Definitely a better weapon when fighting off other scouts.

It might save your life with it's high ammo count.

Pistol is an amazing weapon. It has 12 shots per clip, and inflicts:  7-9 dmg at long range, 10-12 dmg at mid-range, and 13-21 dmg at close range. At close range it's the perfect secondary weapon for a scattergun. It can do 45 damage in one crit, which is devastating if you hold down the fire button.

This is a gun you want to have.

Bonk! Atomic Punch removes your pistol, making you less deadly. But this stuff is priceless when it comes to stopping engineer sentries with your team, or capping that flag that everyone dies before reaching. With this 6-second invincibility, it is possible to taunt, and take no damage to yourself.

Make sure you don't jump when there are sentries around, or you'll be flying.

Crit-a-Cola is a newer addition to the Scout that I haven't had much experience in. Drinking this gives you mini-crits, and makes you take mini-crit damage. From what I've come to gather, its a very situational item. For example, if a Medic wants to uber a scout ; you pop this before the uber and your uber is mini-critified. Or maybe you're on an open map like ctf_turbine, where the Scout can dominate by hopping like mad. The bad part about this weapon is that it has multiple drawbacks, like not having the pistol, and the fact that you'll never die so fast in your life.

Other than that, if you want your Scattergun to do 100+ damage at close range, drink 'dat shit.

Bat is the Scout's primary melee weapon. It makes him feel stronger, strong enough to have 125 hp. The Bat is the weakest of all the melee weapons, because it's very easy for the Scout to get into melee range with his speed and flanking ability. Its disadvantageous 30ish damage is offset by its fast 2 swings-per-second swing rate, which makes it highly prone to critting for over 100 damage. I use this weapon when I miss a lot with projectile weapons, as its easy to score a hit on an injured enemy and kill them.

Don't be scared to bat someone, just make sure they're freaking out because you float like a butterfly and sting like a... well a baseball player.

The Sandman is an unlockable Scout replacement for the bat. It takes away 15 precious HP in order to give you a baseball that you can use to deter enemies and screw them over. Basically, you aim this baby like a grenade launcher, and it shoots a ball out that knocks people retarded for 1-8 seconds, depending on how far away you hit it from. If it's 1-7 second range, the enemy walks super slowly with their hands up and you get a bonus point. If it's 8 seconds, it's called a Moonshot, and they're stunned. If that wasn't enough incentive for you to whack balls, when you Moonshot someone, a crowd cheers for you and you get 2 bonus points. And they should, it's hard to do these things.

 In order to better understand the -15 HP drawback : at 110 hp, you can get killed instantly by a Huntsman arrow, and other high-damage projectiles which you would be safe from at 125 hp.

Thats it for now folks, but keep following and I'll bring more.